Creative Art Retreat Marrakech, Morocco

The colorfully rich and historic city of Marrakech, Morocco is the ideal setting for a week-long creative art retreat. It was an honor to lead a group of guests through this incredible location. Our experiences in the bustling souks, the foods, the music, the people, and the history were the perfect fodder to make a one-of-a-kind creative journal.

Daily art making, trips exploring the souks, a musical experience with authentic Moroccan instruments, a tile making session, a cooking session – this retreat offered a wide range of creative & cultural activities to fully embrace the location!

Beyond all the activities, there was plenty of time for relaxation – as soaking in the amazing colors, flavors, and essence of Marrakech deserves reflection!

Guests left the week long experience with not only numerous memories of our experiences but also a one-of-a-kind creative journal capturing all their moments!