Wanderlust San Francisco – A Creative Guide to the City

Discover San Francisco with this colorfully illustrated tour guide and travel journal all in one!

The Wanderlust Guide offers a unique way of really getting to know a city, with all its quirks and charms. Inside you will find historical tidbits, fun trivia, fill-in lists, and creative prompts, including drawing, writing, and photography, nature walks, scavenger hunts and more inspiring fun ideas. With this guide you can:

  • Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and take a snapshop of Karl the Fog.
  • Journey to North Beach and write a Beatnik poem.
  • Explore Alcatraz – then plot your escape.
  • See the biggest and oldest Chinatown in the country and peek into the hidden alleys.
  • Search for murals in the Mission District and create your own.
  • Visit Fisherman’s Wharf and interview a fisherman.
  • And much more.

Ready for a creative adventure? Grab a pen and some color pencils, bring your phone and let’s go!

Wanderlust Guides are published by West Margin Press. Wanderlust San Francisco is available now on at stores and all major online retailers.

Wanderlust San Francisco Book Highlights

Neighborhood Insights & History

Wanderlust San Francisco takes you to 13 different neighborhoods and offers historical details and fun facts that give insight into the vibe of the neighborhood today. Each chapters also highlight landmarks and unique sights to see the area with a creative lens.

Creative Activities

Wanderlust San Francisco is chock full of creative prompts to explore each neighborhood and the whole city in a whole new way. From writing, drawing and photography prompts to scavenger hunts you will experience San Francisco in a whole light!

Travel Journal

Beyond the details neighborhood information and imaginative activites, Wanderlust San Francisco offers loads of space for you to journal and sketch unique memories from your stay in the City by the Bay.

Wanderlust San Francisco Book Trailer

Wanderlust San Francisco: A Creative Guide to the City by Betsy Beier – Book Trailer