Art Workshop – A Camp-Inspired Morning Along the Cache La Poudre River

Fort Collins, Colorado

What a relaxing morning in Fort Collins where we gathered in person for a camp-inspired Creative Wanderlust Experience along the Cache la Poudre River. The week had been very smoky due to the fires in California (I swear, I did not bring them with me!), but by the time of our meet up, we were fortunate for a little relief so we could enjoy the outdoor setting.

We started out telling some imaginative campfire stories to get us in the perfect mode to create. The story ended with quite an explosive ending, fitting for Cache la Poudre river’s namesake – where gun powder was hidden along the shores!

As always with these experiences, I loved helping everyone create their own unique illustration inspired not only by our surroundings but by their own lives. I can not wait to return to Colorado for more creative classes. 

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