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Capture your travel experiences & explore your world through the following creative art ideas. These tutorials will inspire you to create unique memories of your adventures whether you are wandering your own town or adventuring in far off destinations!

Browse through the categories of different art mediums below and pick a tutorial and get creating!

Art on the Go: Drawing & Painting Tutorials

Sketching in a Cemetery & Creative Projects Beyond Halloween

Finding Cultural Sketching Experiences Right at Home

Make a Map of your Stay

Sketching on a Foreign Newspaper

Sketching en Plein Air in the Country

Quick Landscape Doodle for Fun Travel Memories

Scribble Sketches Capture Your Trip

Art on the Go: Collage Tutorials

Tropical Memories Inspired by Matisse Cut Outs

Sketching on Foreign Newspaper

Art on the Go: Photography Tutorials

Photography Light Trails

50 Urban/City Photography Themes

Typography Photoshoot in Your Town


Art on the Go: Journaling Tutorials

Photo a Day Travel Journal Using Over App

Free Venice, Italy Journal and Sketch Page

Free San Francisco, California Journal and Sketch Page

Free Paris, France Journal and Sketch Page

Art on the Go: Apps & Technology Tutorials

Create an Infographic of your Trip

Photo a Day Travel Journal Using Over App

Using Stickers to Embellish Your Road Trip Pictures